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About Us

Our Story

Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. is widely considered one of the top executive search firms based in Los Angeles. That is because at the core of our practice is a commitment to giving our clients personal attention and an exceptional quality of service.

To achieve our extraordinary placement success, we have developed a resourceful, disciplined, and high touch approach to executive search. Starting with a comprehensive information-gathering process, we then begin an extensive, equitable search augmented by our state-of-the-art research and backed by more than two decades of success in executive recruiting.

Clients who choose Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. get the best of both worlds. They get the global reach of a large firm and the world-class, high touch responsiveness of a smaller firm. The result is an agile and successful search completely tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

"We've seen first-hand the effect trailblazing, innovative leaders can have on organizations and helping our clients acquire such executives is what motivates us every day."

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Foundation for Progress

Our Core Pillars

Our three core pillars place us in a unique position to empower individuals and organizations to go beyond their limits.

  • Phase 1: In-depth Interview
    We begin by gaining insight into your organization and the role through in-depth interviews, whereby we seek to understand your organizational structure, culture, and expectations for the position. This information is used to create a precise position specification and leadership profile that conveys key criteria for the candidate, highlights what makes the role a compelling opportunity for top talent, and ensures applicants are evaluated to meet your specific needs.
  • Phase 2: Strategic Recruitment
    We will develop a target list of qualified candidates using a multi-pronged approach honed over decades in retained executive search. We will perform contemporary market research, utilize our extensive international database, and directly contact candidates using messaging that ensures more positive responses. The most qualified and interested candidates are then personally interviewed to obtain a realistic assessment of their accomplishments, capabilities, and potential. Behavioral-based interviewing is used to ensure a candidate’s reported track record is examined and verified. This process has proven to consistently yield a group of qualified candidates you can compare and evaluate competitively.
  • Phase 3: Securing Talent
    Finally, you will conduct internal interviews with the candidates. We support our clients throughout the process of evaluating candidates, including scheduling meetings, developing interview questions, and gathering feedback; we provide guidance with issues such as attainability, compensation expectations, and relocation. Throughout the final offer and acceptance phase, we maintain regular contact with all parties and can also assist in the negotiation of compensation or terms of employment. Our communication and commitment do not end when the search is completed. We take great pride in knowing a large majority of our placements have not only stayed in their organizations beyond five years, they have been promoted and acknowledged for their contributions within their respective organizations.

Meet the Team

Our knowledgeable executive search consultants, our combined decades of experience, and our innovative search process allow us to consistently achieve results for our clients.

Shelli Herman | Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.

Shelli Herman

President and Founder

As a leader in executive recruiting, Shelli Herman brings her strong knowledge of market intelligence and her proven track record of leading successful searches to each client’s engagement. As a testament to these results, she takes great pride in the number of clients for whom she does repeat or referral work. Read more >

Margot Garber | Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.

Margot Garber has participated in more than 150 search assignments supporting the work of Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.’s consultants. She has assisted diverse clients, from respected institutions of higher education and nonprofits providing social services to organizations elevating the arts and innovative... Read more >

Margot Garber

Director of Search Operations

Kymberly Garrett | Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.

Kymberly Garrett

Of Counsel

Kymberly Garret is Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.’s in-house diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. Kymberly stands ready to participate in all phases of the executive search process, which may include initial due diligence during the intake phase; working with our clients to uncover and solve for unconscious bias...  Read more >

Isala Gray | Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.

Isala Gray

Manager of Social Media and Content

Isala Gray is Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.’s content manager and web designer. Isala oversees digital marketing strategies and works to develop and establish the organization’s online presence. She has worked with large municipalities, nonprofit... Read more >

Amy Perrone


Amy Perrone has been devoted to diversity recruitment for more than 25 years. She has extensive retained search experience in higher education and building upper-management teams for organizations as varied as Fortune 500 companies, top Wall Street firms, and Silicon Valley giants. Read more >

Search Consulants

Experience a high-level search completed with the urgency, attention to detail, and personalized touch you deserve.

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