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Committed to Creating a Better Tomorrow by Matching Passion to Purpose

Our nonprofit clients better the world in diverse ways by advocating for social justice, improving education, elevating the arts, contributing to vibrant cultural landscapes, pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge, and safeguarding species and habitats.


We take pride in our firm’s ability to match passion to purpose by identifying leaders who have a vocational relationship to our clients’ specific work. In fact, our ability to help nonprofit organizations fulfill their visions by recruiting mission-centric leaders has earned us the reputation of being among the best nonprofit executive search firms based in Los Angeles. 

We believe that organizations that do good deserve the best, so we employ a proven process allows us to deeply understand the challenges and opportunities facing each of our nonprofit clients as they work to fulfill their missions.

Some of our clients include:

nonprofit landing logos 3/2024

Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. is proud to have our exemplary results and unmatched partnership to nonprofit organizations be recognized

What Clients Say

“Shelli was extraordinary to work with. From her knowledge and deep expertise and experience in the zoo world, to her strategy for searching candidates, to her uber responsiveness. She has a true mission to help organizations find the right fit and for leaders to develop by finding their next opportunity. We had tremendous recruited candidates to choose from and success in finding the ultimate CEO. Over my career, Shelli is the best external recruiter with whom I have ever worked.”

— Jane Miller

President & Chief Operating Officer, Gallup (retired)

Search Committee Chair and Board Member

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Experience a high-level search completed with the urgency, attention to detail, and personalized touch you deserve.

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