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Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. Celebrates our 10th Year

As Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. enters its 10th year in business, we are both humbled and deeply appreciative of the support we have received from you, our clients, cheerleaders, and friends.

When you start a business, it begins with “I.” If you are successful, the “I” becomes “WE.” The firm is so much more than one voice, but instead many. In 2020, Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. is grateful for the village of support!

It is an honor to let you know about a recent shout out from our friends at Hunt Scanlon Media. In 2019, Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. was featured in their top 10 list for having landed one of the most interesting searches of the year. WE could not be prouder. To learn more about the search for which we were recognized, please read more here.

As we begin the year with gratitude for what the last decade brought, Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc, is even more grateful and optimistic about 2020 and beyond. We hope you will continue to think of us when your organization has a need for a preeminent executive search partner.


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