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Setting Effective Organizational Resolutions for 2022

I know most of you have already developed your organizational goals and strategic plans for the new year, but have you considered making some resolutions?

What’s the difference between a strategy, a goal, and a resolution? Where a goal is a declaration of what you want to achieve and a strategy is an action plan to achieve said goals, a resolution is a statement of what you want to change.

While the advent of each new year brings with it the vexing pervasive theme and oversaturated market of goal setting and “new year new me” tropes that are often never fulfilled, one study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology states that those who set New Year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to actually change their behavior than people who don’t make these yearly goals. With all the uncertainty and chaos that COVID has presented, some solid resolutions can help to revitalize your organization’s work culture while encouraging renewed teamwork.

When drafting your organizational resolutions, make sure to keep these items in mind:

1. Keep your mission and vision statement at the forefront. You never want to create resolutions that are counterproductive. A resolution will have the most positive impact when it is in sync with the mission and vision of your organization.

2. Make sure the resolution is within reason. You don’t want to set resolutions that cannot be realized. An ambitious vision is important, but try to make your resolutions realistic rather than drastic. Breaking down larger goals into smaller, more achievable resolutions gets you on the path to major change while setting you up to succeed. Creating a solid and able to be accomplished resolution gives you the opportunity to plan exactly how you are going to achieve it for the upcoming year.

3. Start small. We are all exhausted from adapting to the many changes that the pandemic has presented. Give your team time to recuperate by avoiding extreme changes in the workplace.

There are many different resolutions that an organization can contemplate. Considering the year, we just had, it is safe to say we are all looking to promote a healthier, happier work environment, whether your team is together in a physical space, or collaborating from disparate locations.

Below are a few ideas for resolutions that any organization can embrace.

Put Health at the Forefront. In light of recent health concerns, we can comfortably say that most organizations are focused on providing a healthy work environment. Whether your employees are in-office, remote, or hybrid, their well-being and good health should be prioritized.

Make lunch a priority. 62% of professionals say they typically eat lunch at their desks. Sometimes the simplest action can be the most impactful. Take time to have lunch away from your desk or office. This can help prevent fatigue, boost moods, increase motivation, promote balance, and decrease stress.

Have open conversations about mental health. Provide your employees with information about mental health and mental health resources. Inviting speakers from local mental health organizations to discuss work-life balance can have a huge benefit to your team. Meditation studios like Unplug Meditation offer corporate support and provide your team with live and virtual guided meditation classes that can have mutual benefits for both your organization and your employees.

Give Back. Every organization has a responsibility to the communities in which they operate. states, “The benefits that arise from investing in giving back programs go beyond the obvious priority of ‘doing good’ and enjoying the satisfaction of serving the needs of others. Charitable work also helps companies to strengthen the company’s brand and visibility, to recruit and retain employees aligned with company values, and to promote employee camaraderie and rapport.” Volunteer work can have a positive ripple effect on your team, also working to provide a healthier work environment. Each year, Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. supports many of our nonprofit clients in a myriad of ways separate from the search process; this has been and always will be one of our corporate values. Make sure to share your organization’s resolutions with your entire team. May 2022 be healthy, happy and filled with resolutions you are actually able to embrace and achieve. Good luck and stay safe out there!


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